Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Love La La Land

In the old days, like two years ago, I wasn't a big fan of Los Angeles. To me, it was all sprawl, fake, and smoggy. The times I spent there on business reinforced that view.

But then, Sarah and I spent the first night of our honeymoon last June in West Hollywood, and my opinion changed. It wasn't that bad, I thought. In fact, I kind of liked it! (Maybe staying at the swank Sunset Marquis had something to do with that...)

Ever since then, we've talked about going back, but it wasn't really a top priority. Then, a few months ago, Sarah added the first few seasons of Entourage to our Netflix queue - and now I'm hooked on Los Angeles! If you've never watched Entourage, it's an HBO series about a young movie star who lives with his three sidekicks/freeloaders. It's way funny (although the first season starts off a bit slow).

Anyway, I'm off track here...

Watching Entourage, I've been like a six-year-old girl watching Hannah Montana, wondering what Vince and the guys are wearing, where they're eating (check out the "location credits" to see where we had breakfast one morning), where they're walking, where they're shopping... NO, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER! I even just bought a belt because it was like the one that one of the dudes wore on the show! It's starting to get disturbing. (I need to get back to Pennsylvania for a personality reset.)

Yeesh. Where was I? Oh yeah, Los Angeles...

So, with all of the LA hype going on in our house the past few months, Sarah had the wonderful idea of setting up a surprise long-weekend trip to stay at a nice hotel, eat killer food, do some celebrity-hunting, and see the FOO FIGHTERS in concert! Wow, I love her! I've been wanting to see the Foos since way, way back. I was giddy like, um, well, like a six-year-old girl getting tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. And, to make me love her even more, Sarah booked our flights on Virgin America for something like $40 each way! And, she even told me how she booked the earlier flight home just to save like $12! If that's not something to love, then I don't know what love is!

Our trip started Thursday morning, with the concert being later that night. We hit the hotel, changed into our LA Clubbing/Concert attire, and hit the town. First stop - Citrus at Social for some awesome cocktails (and Sarah's pic of their bathroom). Second stop - FOO FIGHTERS! Check out our photos here, or a Foo video to get some sense of their energy:

The concert was awesome! They killed! (Although, we could have done without the guest appearance by Lemmy, the 62-year-old singer from Motorhead, wearing jeans so freakin' tight you could tell his religion.)

The rest of the weekend was a blur of food and shopping - and some stars! I have to admit, our first star sighting was actually in the San Fran airport before we even left, where we saw Victor Garber (the father from Alias). Our next sighting was of Annie Leibovitz, the photographer, who we saw as we left Fred Segal. Another was Winona Ryder, who is actually very cute in person. The lame-o star sighting had to be Latoya Jackson shopping at the Guess store.

As for food, well, I hate to say it, but nothing compares to San Fran when it comes to food. But, the culinary highlight was our trip to Wolfgang Puck's new steak house, Cut. Sarah (who is nearly a vegetarian) had the wagyu filet and I had the wagyu ribeye. Both were amazing, although now we're spoiled on wagyu and I have no idea how we're going to find it and, more importantly, how we're going to afford it!

After this trip, I'm definitely an LA junkie. I still love San Fran and Northern Cal, but as long as we can fly roundtrip for less than the cost of gas to drive, I can't wait until our next trip!

In fact, I'd better go out right now and grab the latest People and Us Weekly, just so I know where we should eat! ;-)

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