Friday, March 13, 2009

Why women drown...

I have a bunch of random photos scrolling on my desk's digital photo frame, and one that keeps popping up is below and it always makes me laugh. It's from a white water rafting trip from a few years back, and it was taken at the "tunnel chute rapid" where there was the chute and then the tunnel (hence the name...). I wonder if Sarah and Marissa and Meighan and Joanna remember?

I wonder if they remember how technical it was and how scary the guides made it seem and how they gave us detailed instructions and how it was so important to do this and so critical not to do that? I wonder if they were paying attention...

Well check out the photo below! The poor guide is pointing to the spot of multiple deaths and you four girls heard nothing but the word "camera" and then became oblivious to the life-saving instructions and started posing like Paris Hilton outside the Bellagio.

Yeesh. This is why women drown!

Here's the sat map of the rapid, in case you need your memory jogged:

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Oh, by the way, who wants to go rafting again this summer?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monitor over banana

I've grown tired of the DW's photo updates from her "work" trip to Hawaii, so decided to let her (and all of you) get a glimpse of my view during breakfast and lunch today. While there isn't a wave or a beach or a palm tree in sight, I think that you'll agree that it's just as good as being in Hawaii...

In this lovely shot, taken from my desk in San Mateo, CA, you'll see my expertly-created caramel latte (nice froth, if I do say so myself), along with my banana and my Nectar bar. Ahh, breakfast is so much better over a keyboard.

And this beautiful lunchtime shot, again capturing my stunning workday view, shows my lack of daytime culinary adventure, since I had another banana for lunch (the same as if I were marooned on a deserted South Pacific island!).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moon over Waikiki

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Adorable by Pierce!

Listen to this message from my nephew... and then imagine the big grin on my face as I played it over and over again on my drive home today! (just click "download" and it should open and play in iTunes or another media player).

New level of adorable....

Courtesy of my nephew Pierce!

Adorable by Pierce!

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