Thursday, May 22, 2008

A short trip to... Belize!

Sarah's friends Amy and Alan, who are now my friends, since CA law states that 50% of everything Sarah has is mine, or does that mean just one of them is my friend...? Which one would I choose? Wait a minute... What was I talking about? Oh yeah, BELIZE!

Amy and Alan own a beach bungalow in Belize, which is called the Barefoot Beach Bungalow. So, it's the Belizian Barefoot Beach Bungalow, on the beach, in Belize, below the trees, in the breeze... Ugh. Too many b's. Yeesh, I've had too much diet Sunkist today.

Sarah thinks that I have ADHD. What do you think? Should I wear black socks today or gray? I wonder how many nails are in that fence out there.

OK - what was I talking about? Oh yeah, BELIZE!

A few weeks ago, when we hung with Amy and Alan in Paso Robles, Alan mentioned that he was heading to Belize to do some maintenance on their beach house. Sarah's been there once, and she always talks about how nice it is. Amy and Alan talk about it a lot, too. But, poor little old me ain't never been there. Nope. Never an invitation. Never even a postcard. Hmph! So, what did I do? I invited myself along with Alan!

Oh what fun! Two manly-men tearing termite-infested wood off of his bungalow in 100-degree heat and the accompanying tropical humidity, dodging tarantulas and herds of iguanas, and hauling in barracuda for lunch! Nothing like an adventure vacation!

Alan tells me that the food there is fantastic. And, on our first night, I have to admit that the dinner of conch, lobster, snapper and stew was absolutely fantastic! But, on day two, I came down with the flu and had barely more than one fig newton over the remaining 3+ days of the trip. It's like the time we went to Mexico and I got sick. Or the time we went to Paris and I got sick. Or the time... I get sick a lot.

In any case, I didn't let it ruin my trip. I just sat in the chair, stared out at the Caribbean Sea, and couldn't imagine being in a more beautiful place while having stomach cramps.

Check out the slideshow below, or see the photos here.

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