Friday, February 25, 2005

Sloooow on Idahoooo

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I promised the Idaho download and pics a few days ago. But, I'm lame - and slow. Hopefully, Sarah will post her thoughts on Idaho as well. Now that she's a blogger too, she'd better get in the game.

So, thoughts on Idaho:
  • Sun Valley was small. The mountain (Mt. Baldy) was small, the town (Ketchum) was tiny, the resort (Sun Valley) was small. That may be because my expectations were so high, but it was a really small town. I think that the population was in the 3,500 range, but I'm guessing that most of that is seasonal. If you've been to Holiday Valley in NY, or Hidden Valley in PA, it's about that size.
  • A funny thing about the town was that the people seemed to think that it was overwhelmingly busy. Compared with Tahoe, Sun Valley was very uncrowded, even for a holiday weekend. At most of the bars and restaurants the we visited, the waitstaff and bartenders seemed swamped, even though the places weren't really all that busy. I'd like to see it on a slow night! Sarah even had trouble trying to take a snowboarding lesson because they were "short handed." Didn't they know it was a holiday weekend?
  • Bruce Willis sucks as a singer.
  • Idaho was once a hotbed of volcanic activity. Something about the earth's crust being really thin in Idaho. Anway, we took some pics of lava beds south of Sun Valley, near Shoshone. Pretty cool, I'm sure you'll agree, once we finally post some pictures...
  • The people of Ketchum aren't very creative. There are probably 2o streets in the whole town, plotted like a grid. Well, running east to west, there's 1st through 8th Streets. Running north to south, there's 1st through 3rd AVENUE. Pretty lame. However, there is Leadville Avenue, to their credit.
  • Boise was nice. Small, but nice. Lots of non-chain restaurants and stores. One microbrewery downtown, The Bardenay, also made their own Rum, Vodka and Gin. Pretty cool! Although, still being on the wagon, I was unable to partake. :-(

Alright, I promise, pictures ASAP!

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Sutt said...

Jay - sounds like you're enjoying life, traveling around! Come out to NYC - it's not Idaho, but we'll make due! I just went to Central Park this past weekend to see "The Gates" - a massive art exhibition scattered throughout the park, with 7,500 gates with fabric hanging down - pretty cool to see, but I can think of better ways to spend $21 million!